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Championing Imagination in Our Children’s Lives and Our Own - Southern Marin Mothers' Club


Einstein once said, “Imagination is more important than knowledge.” In my household, this wasn't merely a quote fit for a fridge magnet — it was our family motto. Growing up, creativity was a family value. My dad was a solid-state physicist and assisted in engineering the gigabit. And my mother, she might've daydreamed about Hollywood, but she channeled that inner starlet into mommy mode and taught aerobics with flair. Our house was a

BFF ❋ Tesla And Walmart Have Registered Web3 Domain Names—Here's What That Means

Big brands like Tesla, Pfizer, Walmart and JPMorgan are warming up to decentralized domain names, signaling that even corporate entities see the value in user-owned digital identities. In fact, a mighty 11% of the latest Fortune 100 list now own Web3 domain names via the domain provider Unstoppable Domains. Why? Because brands want to secure their online presence like never before. Thanks to innovative companies like Unstoppable Domains and the collaboration of the newly formed Web3 Domain Allia

BFF ❋ WTF Is... An Ordinal

TLDR: Bitcoin NFTs, or ordinals, work like non-fungible tokens (NFTs), but they aren't exactly. They serve as a method to inscribe digital content on a satoshi, the smallest denomination of currency on the Bitcoin blockchain.

It’s likely that you’ve come across the latest crypto craze, ordinals, if you’ve been keeping up with the latest buzz on Crypto Twitter. In January 2023, the Bitcoin ordinals protocol was launched enabling individual collection, trading and tracking of Bitcoin’s smallest u

The Power of Giving - Southern Marin Mothers' Club

Recently, while exploring my Waking Up Meditation App, I came across a fascinating idea that caught my attention - generativity. This term was introduced by the esteemed psychologist Erik Erikson. For those unfamiliar, Erik Erikson was a German-American developmental psychologist celebrated for his insights into the psychological development of human beings.

In Erikson's widely recognized theory, he presents a journey of eight distinct stages that every person travels through, from infancy

BFF ❋ These YouTube Creators Are Helping Onboard Thousands To Web3

Web3, also known as the decentralized web, is the next iteration of the internet. It promises to bring more transparency, privacy, automation and accessibility to everyone. As more people come to adopt blockchain and decentralization in their lives, many content creators are turning to YouTube to share their insights.

This article highlights the top creators who are at the forefront of YouTube Web3 content creation. Coming from diverse backgrounds, these creators offer unique perspectives empow

BFF ❋ The Risks, Benefits And Ethics Of Artificial Intelligence

Recently social media has been abuzz with art and text generators driven by artificial intelligence (AI), leading consumers everywhere to question just what kind of robots we've let into our homes and lives.

In November 2022, leading AI research lab Open AI, released ChatGPT, an artificial intelligence language model that, when given a prompt, produces conversational and easily convincing text. On its heels came Lensa, an app from Prisma Labs which uses AI to transform selfies into avatars that

BFF ❋ Meet The Dancer Making Crypto Art That Moves

When most people think of NFTs, they think of visual art. Beatriz Castañeda is changing this perception. Castañeda is a dancer from Santiago, Chile who is bringing performing arts to the NFT space. Art buyers traditionally have focused on visual art, but now with the technology of blockchain, they are able to collect dance — at least this is what Castañeda is betting on.

Along with music and drama, dance is considered a performance art that traditionally can only be fully appreciated by a live


TLDR: POAPs, short for Proof of Attendance Protocol, are digital collector's badges given to users who participate in online or in-person events. Using blockchain technology, POAPs are NFTs minted via smart contracts on the Ethereum sidechain Gnosis. POAPs are gifted and provide people with a way of verifying and/or commemorating their participation in an event.

Humans have always collected keepsakes like theater playbills, stickers and sports medals. Precious creatures that we are, we collect

In Defense of the Ordinary Barbie - Southern Marin Mothers' Club


The sweet ease of summer - the sun-kissed days, the leisurely mornings, and the thrill of blockbuster movies. This season, my daughter and her exuberant friend led me on an adventure to the silver screen, where the larger-than-life spectacle of Barbie awaited us. This women-led blockbuster has made history at the global box office, grossing $1.03 billion -- and for good reason. Little did I know that behind the glitz and glamor lay a cinematic journey that w

BFF ❋ WTF Is… Tokenomics

TLDR, Tokenomics is a term used to describe the economics of a token in a decentralized ecosystem. Tokenomics refers to the quality of a token, its attributes, production, distribution, supply and demand, as well as its incentive and burn mechanisms. Understanding tokenomics is important when making decisions on which cryptocurrencies and/or NFT projects to invest in.

Tokens can be used to fulfill a lot of roles in a decentralized ecosystem. A token is a digital unit built on top of a blockchai